Photography has been a passion since my first journalism class in high school when i saw the first print come alive in a tray of developer in the darkroonm. I continued my exploration of photography at college and various photography workshops. I am primarily a color photographer and have created images of portraits, landscapes, various cultures and weddings. In addition to having owned my own studio, my images have been published in national publications, textbooks, calenders as well as being exhibited.

Project - Texas and the Southwest:

Texas is a vast land of contrast. From deserts and spacious prairies to mountain ranges and a nearly 400 miles of coastline. Culturally rich and historically diverse, Texas has been a part of Mexico, and independent country as well as flown under four other flags. Diverse, bold and proud. This is the Texas I have come to know an cherish over the past twenty years. In the same spirit yet unique are the Southwestern neighboring states of New Mexico and Arizona. The strong cultural roots of Native American, Spanish and Mexican permeate throughout the Southwest. I plan to contine to travel to the far corners of Texas and the Southwest to document the people and its landscape.